Guitar Effects Pedals

Model: DL-99 BBD Analog Delay and TRUE BBD Chip Analog Delay and True Bypass

XinSound Pro DL-99A True Bypass 300ms Vintage Analog Delay Pedal

XinSound Pro DL-99B True Bypass 600ms Vintage Analog Delay Pedal

Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal - True analog delay with BBD ICs by XinSound Electronics

The Analog Delay is a classic analog Bucket Brigade Delay with that warm, haunting reverb and tape-like echoes.

This analog delay pedal is able to produce delay times ranging from 20 to 330 Milliseconds.

The 3 concentric knobs of REPEAT, E-LEVEL, D-TIME, and echo of this delay pedal give adequate options for tonal tweaking.

Enclosed in an all-metal chassis, this delay guitar effect pedal is highly durable.

The Vintage BBD produce up to 600 ms (only for DL-99B) of delay and advanced noise reduction circuit keeps your signal clean and the dedicated Intensity, Echo and Repeat Rate controls for awesome sound shaping.


* Controls: REPEAT, E-LEVEL, D-TIME & True Bypass knobs on face, On/Off LED status indicator

* Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor

* Delay Time: 20ms-300ms

* Authentic Bucket Brigade Delay circuit and handmade

* Runs on 9 V battery or the 9V DC power supply

* Current Draw: 16 mA (DC 9V)

* Input Impedance: 470K Ohm

* Output Impedance: 10 K Ohm

* Dimensions: 95(W) x 120(H) x 58(L) mm

* Carton Size: 455 x 300 x 230 mm and 24pcs/Carton