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Model: VP-109 Guitar Volume Pedal

Brand New XinSound VP-109 Volume Pedal

Deliver a Professional Performance

If you have ever needed easy control over your volume then this pedal can help you. You can have complete control over your volume even when both hands are busy. Take your solos to the limit and kick up those chorus's with a volume pedal that can offer you the dynamics of a pro.

A Versatile Volume Pedal

You can set the minimum volume for when the pedal is fully up, by adjusting the knob under the pedal. The pedal can accommodate two channels of sound as it features two 1/4" inputs and outputs. This pedal does not require any batteries.

Stereo or 2 Instruments Control

The VP-109 Volume Pedal can be used to control volume of either a stereo instrument, (synthesizer, DJ equipment) or 2 instruments at the same time, thanks to the dual inputs and outputs.

Not only suitable for guitarists, this pedal can be useful all musicians and DJ's.


2x 1/4" Inputs (IN1, IN2)

2x 1/4" Outputs (OUT1, OUT2)

Passive Electronics (No Batteries Required)

Independent Minimum Volume Adjustment Knob