Tube Screamer Series

TS-808 Mod

XinSound TS 808 Mod


Great for lead work that is very saturated yet retains the essence of your guitar!
Thanks for your purchase XinSound TS 808 Mod!
We are sure you will be very pleased with the tone of your new TS808 MOD+ pedal. The TS808 has a great tone to start with. This pedal is now the culmination of many ideas and modifications. Every component added is of the highest quality. There are metal film resistors in the circuit to improve the signal to noise ratio many guitarists desire. Film capacitors are used in the tone section to provide the smoothest midrange and high frequency components to your tone while increasing the bass response of the pedal. This pedal has been modified to have the More/Less Mod. This allows you to have less distortion in the lower settings of the Drive control and more distortion and saturation in the higher setting of the control. 
Pro Series classic tube drive Pedal - DW-808 w/JRC4558D Chip by Hand-built and True Bypass, It's got a great sound at a really great price by XinSound
Brand: XinSound 
Model: DW-808 Tube Sreamer Overdrive guitar effect pedals
•Controls: Level, Tone, Drive knobs and True Bypass footswitch on face, On/Off LED status indicator
•Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adapter
•Classic 100% Analog circuits and handmade
There are NO miniature surface mount chips, Capacitors, or Resistors 
•Runs on 9V battery(Not Included) or the 9V DC power supply(Not Included)
•Current Draw: 6 mA (DC 9V)
•Input Impedance: 470 KOhm
•Output Impedance: 1 KOhm
* Dimensions: 1 1/2"(W) x 3 1/2" (H) x 1 1/2"(D)
Package included
1 x Guitar effect pedal
1 x User's Manual